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  • There are more than 25 years old.
  • Our Production certified and the products are certified at the Product Certification Body in the field of welding and related industries of the State Enterprise "Scientific and Technical Centre for Quality Assurance and Certification "SEPROZ" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at E.O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • In addition to the Ukrainian quality certificate, in 2022our company was certified according to the EN 1090 standard. EN 1090 certification refers to European standards that regulate the production of steel and aluminum structures. This standard establishes quality and safety requirements for metal products, such as structural steel for construction.
    Certification according to the EN 1090 standard and the right to use the CE mark related to the production of metal structures for construction in the European Union. CE mark (European Conformity)) indicates that the product meets the requirements of European safety and quality standards, including the EN 1090 standard for metal structures. Obtaining the EN 1090 certificate and the right to use the CE mark indicate that the manufacturer meets these standards and can sell its products on the European market.
  • For the production of winches and lifting mechanisms developed Technical conditions (TU) and other regulatory documents.
  • Our design department, to calculate the load-bearing capacity of structures, uses licensed software, which guarantees the quality of the design.
  • Installation department fully equipped with load-lifting mechanisms, tools and personal protective equipment. The staff has undergone the necessary training and received permits to work at height.
  • The Alviss company is a valid member of the following organizations:
    - "All-Ukrainian association of distributors, manufacturers and sellers of professional sound and light equipment, musical instruments".
    - "Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry".
    -"Unions of Ukrainian entrepreneurs".
  • To ensure the quality of service provision, the company has developed a model and a number of business processes, where the entire path of the order from the technical task to post-warranty service is followed.
  • Project management - Design - Production - Rent - Installation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • In the working conditions of our economy, we are forced to control the entire chain of passing the order in order to ensure and guarantee the quality of the services we provide.
  • We have come a long and difficult way with our customers, developing our production, and today we are ready to provide the highest quality services.
  • The "ALVISS" company is your reliable partner in Europe for the production of stage structures, stage mechanics, and decorations.

Thank you for your attention, General Director of ALVISS LLC

                                                                                          Inna Sokolova.