Stage rental

Alviss offers you a wide selection of concert venues and various comfortable stage structures of the highest quality.

Fast-edited concert scenes make you feel completely confident in the most difficult situations. Thanks to them, you can only competently and flexibly build a stage space for almost any needs. Also, you can always adjust the height of the stage and even transform it into a multi-level podium.
As a rule, concert stages consist of light trusses and floors, so their installation takes a minimum of time and is easy to assemble. The Alviss company produces concert stages of various sizes, so you can always choose the best option for your taste. You can also order drapery for concert stages based on your individual needs.
When it comes to making stage structures, you have a lot to choose from. We offer you stage designs of various sizes and shapes. For example, it can be a standard roof, a roof with portals or stage structures in the form of an arch. In fact, you can order an entire stage complex made according to all standards, another Alviss company produces catwalk stage structures of varying degrees of complexity. By contacting us, you get products of the highest quality and the most modern appearance. We give a full guarantee for all types of stages and structures and are ready to provide all licenses and certificates.