Rent of pavilions

Alviss pavilions: art, necessity, ergonomics

Where does theatre begin? The continuation of the famous saying tells us that it begins with a coat rack. But in the real world, of course, any theatre begins, first of all, with the stage. It is about the stage that we will talk about today.

The modern postmodern era dictates its own rules that we have to live by. In particular, it concerns the usual meaning of words. "Nowadays, "theatre" and "stage" do not necessarily mean a production of The Auditor or some Shakespearean plays. Theatre can have different incarnations: it is enough, for example, to watch a performance by the pop star Lady Gaga to understand that theatre can be integrated into any of the manifestations of art and culture.

Where are we going with this? Alviss keeps up with the times and moves with them. We have specific proposals and solutions for your creative and practical tasks related to any act of public action (from the same theatre performance to seminars and concerts). Namely, pavilions that our specialists are ready to install in the most convenient place that best suits the task.

What are the advantages of the Alviss tent? Mobility, attractive appearance, saving transport and operating costs.

A pavilion is the choice of a modern thinking person. You no longer need to look for approaches to uncooperative venue owners and suffer from headaches associated with choosing a venue. Now you can arrange the necessary site yourself. Alviss offers a large selection of standard pavilions and is also ready to design and manufacture a mobile theatre and concert complex, taking into account any customer requirements.