Tunnel roof


The tunnel roof is perfect for chamber events, classical music concerts
and performances by folk groups. It is possible to cover the roof with a transparent tent
polycarbonate or transparent PVC tent.

Technical specifications of the U 300 QB series roof without elevator

Dimensions (m)

6,0*х4,0*; 8,0*х6,0*

Pillar height (m)

2,5 – 4,0

Load capacity (kg)


Maximum permissible wind speed (m/s)


*The characteristics given in the table are indicative.

Roof elements without elevator series U 300 QB
Pillar (without elevator) U 300 QB
Roof perimeter U 300 QB; U 300 QB R
Tensioning elements diagonal braces (steel ropes)
Tent awning on the roof; black cabinet made of radio fabric.

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