D 20 LB

Truss name Series Connection Alloy Main pipe Angle brace
Double light D 20 LB  Boses B-30 AD-31 30×1,5mm 10×1,0mm

Decorative farm. D20 QB series.

Due to their lightness and mobility, decorative series are widely used for decorating advertising stands, exhibition pavilions and other small frame structures. The main advantages of structures from this series of trusses are their lightness and elegance.

Truss from the “Alvis” company are high-quality and certified products. Do not forget that these are load-bearing structures that occupy the most important place in modern structures intended for concerts, shows and various events, so their quality is extremely important.

We guarantee the strength, reliability and durability of our products, we provide certificates and certificates for all the trusses we manufacture.

d 20 lb D 20 LB

dliny ferm 20 serii D 20 LB

length (m) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Concentrated load (kg) 87 86 85 84 83 82 81
deflection (mm) 0,6 1,9 4,6 9,6 17,7 30,3 48,5
distributed load (kg/mp) 58 43 34 28 24 20 18
deflection (mm) 0,6 1,9 4,6 9,6 17,7 30,3 48,5

The load characteristics are approximate. A detailed description of the bearing capacity of the truss under various types of loads is given in the product passport. For more detailed information, contact the specialists of the “ALVISS” company. The operation of the structure must be carried out in compliance with all the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer.

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