U 250 LB

Farm name Series Connection Alloy Main pipe Angle brace
Double light U 250 LB  Bebyshechne B-50 ENAW 6063T6 50x2mm 16x2mm

The production of the company “Alviss” offers a wide range of products, which includes both decorative and professional equipment. Among the universal trusses, it is worth highlighting the 250 series, which has high strength, despite its relatively small dimensions. It is presented in three types of constructions: quadrolight, trilight and two-light. Due to the ease of installation and mobility, this series is widely used for sound and light suspension in restaurants and clubs, as well as for the installation of high-strength advertising stands at exhibitions and galleries. The main advantages of structures from this series of trusses are their lightness and strength.

u 250 lb 1 U 250 LB

dovzhina U 250 LB

length (m) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
concentrated load (kg) 810 754 667 590 518 484 404
deflection (mm) 12 18 31 49 71 93 129
distributed load (kg/mp) 585 479 364 215 111 99 87
deflection (mm) 10 17 26 36 51 67 85


The load characteristics are approximate. A detailed description of the bearing capacity of the truss under various types of loads is given in the product passport. For more detailed information, contact the specialists of the “ALVISS” company. The operation of the structure must be carried out in compliance with all the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer.

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